Youtube Live: Much better than before

Robin Hablani September 6, 2017
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There is a good news for the Youtube Creators, who connect with their fans using Youtube Live, new Youtube Live will help making live content easier and more accessible. Youtube Live has introduced a number of features to ease live streaming in much more advanced way. They have introduced the following features:

Real-time Interaction

Now, it has become easy to immediately engage fans to your live stream with ultra low latency.  Enabling ultra low-latency makes it possible to stream video with just a couple seconds of latency. It’s easy to set up and doesn’t require any special software or encoders to work.

Live chat moderation easier with new tools

Youtube has introduced new chat moderation tools to moderate chat messages. One lets you pause the chat to moderate by pressing and holding “alt/option.” Another lets you check for inappropriate messages and hold them for approval.

Stream more easily from iPhone and iPad right to the main YouTube app
All thanks to Apple’s ReplayKit, you were able to live stream directly from many popular apps on YouTube Gaming. Now the Youtube is bringing the feature to the main YouTube app so you can live stream your painting from Procreate, your race from Asphalt 8, your MOBA gameplay from Vainglory and anything from any app that supports ReplayKit. At the same time you’ll also be able to use your phone’s microphone and front-facing camera to add your own video and audio commentary to the stream.


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