How To Update A HTML Website

Robin Hablani May 25, 2017
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Don’t know how to update the content of your HTML website?

Don’t worry, that’s pretty easy.

 Google search gives priority to the websites which are updated frequently.

1. Login to cpanel of your website, ex:, this websitename is your website name, now login with your cpanel credentials.

2. After logging in to cpanel, go to file manager and open the root folder of the website, i.e. public_html, here you will find all the files and folders of the website.

3. Remember, the name of the home page file of your website is index.html, right click on any file you want to edit and go to code editor option.

4. Now, just start matching the content of the editor with your html website’s content and start updating the content without touching <> </> tags and save changes.

Follow these steps and it will become easy for you to update the content of your website.

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