Twitter now allows more characters to express your Tweets

Robin Hablani September 28, 2017
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Think, how painful it was to express your tweets in just 140 characters, users used to delete some of the important words which convey emotions or meaning, just to anyhow post their tweet.

Well, there is a good news for Twitter users, Twitter now allows 280 characters giving you enough room to express your thoughts through Tweet.  According, to Twitter’s post, English language needs more words to properly express their Tweets in comparison with Japanese. Languages like Japanese, can convey their message in half the characters needed to express in English.

At first, this feature was available to small group of people. Twitter officially launched this feature for every user, they circulated this news through a blog post on their official blogging website.

Twitter is filled with celebrities, which results in lot of controversies ,just by typing a tweet of 140 characters. Assume, the amount of controversies 28 characters may increase.

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