How to solve a wordpress website bug

Robin Hablani June 29, 2017
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There are various ways, one can solve wordpress bugs, sometimes they’re easy to solve, sometimes, it’s very difficult to solve them, let’s go through some ways of solving them:

1. Try updating your wordpress version, but before updating your wordpress, you should make sure that your website has been backed up, now after backing up your website, ensure all of your plugins are deactivated, you can reactivate them later, when your wordpress has been updated…

2. Try updating your plugins, it’s very easy to update your wordpress plugin, go to Plugins in the admin panel and click update on the plugin you want to update.

3. If some of your pages are not loading properly, go to Settings-> permalinks and update them…

4. If you are a bit technical, you can right click on the website, go to Inspect element, then go to Console, you might see a bug there.

5. There may be possibilities of function error or there may be some code outdated, after updating the wordpress…

If you don’t find a solutions, you can contact me on my website Contact me or my upwork account, i.e.…

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