Seo For Beginners

Robin Hablani December 27, 2016
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If you have just begin a website and don’t know how to optimize it for search engines, then don’t worry, I have got some basic tips for you to get started.

  • Choose the keywords that you are going to target for ranking high on google. Go to google keyword planner and search keywords relevant to your website which have low competition and high search volumes, don’t target more than four words per page.

  • Create meta tags of description and keywords between the head tags of your website.


 <meta name=”description” content=”description of your website”>
 <meta name=”keywords” content=”keywords of your website with comma in between”>
 Remember, the description and the keywords should repeat the words that you have decided to work on and also they should match with each other and content of the website.
  • Repeat the keywords you chose in the content of the website, but please don’t write the keywords for 100’s of times at the bottom of the page otherwise google will block your website, keywords should be 4% of the total website content.
  • Register your site to google analytics. For analyzing the traffic your website traffic.
  • Register your site to google webmaster and bing webmaster.

  • I will tell you more about seo, in my next blog post, keep coming back 🙂
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