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Twitter now allows more characters to express your Tweets

Robin Hablani September 28, 2017
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Think, how painful it was to express your tweets in just 140 characters, users used to delete some of the important words which convey emotions or meaning, just to anyhow post t... read more

Is Apple’s Face ID Safe, let’s find out

Robin Hablani September 15, 2017
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Apple recently launched it’s new Iphone X with Face Id, Apple has introduced facial recognition to unlock it’s IPhone. Touch Id has been replaced by Face Id, it uses... read more

Youtube Live: Much better than before

Robin Hablani September 6, 2017
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There is a good news for the Youtube Creators, who connect with their fans using Youtube Live, new Youtube Live will help making live content easier and more accessible. Youtube... read more

Apple announces Craig Federighi as the new head of Siri

Robin Hablani September 3, 2017
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After seeing a growing competition in voice assistance, Apple has announced the new head of Siri, Craig Federighi. Replacing current chief Eddy Cue. It is an attempt to integrat... read more