Is Apple’s Face ID Safe, let’s find out

Robin Hablani September 15, 2017
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Apple recently launched it’s new Iphone X with Face Id, Apple has introduced facial recognition to unlock it’s IPhone.

Touch Id has been replaced by Face Id, it uses a new Camera setup in the Camera X called “True Depth Camera System”. TrueDepth uses a set of sensors, cameras, and a dot projector to create an incredibly detailed 3D map of your face.

Face Id starts with recognizing the image of your face, but here is something more, the True Depth Projector, which will project over 30,000 dots on your face, each time you look at your Phone. Which will create and map of your features. This Facial Map improves each time your look at your Phone. According to Apple, it will recognize you, even if your change your hairstyle, wear glasses or put on hat like me.

“We use the image and the dot pattern to push through neural networks to create a mathematical model of your face,” Apple’s Phil Schiller explained.

There is a very important thing to notice about the technology, Apple says FaceID will require user’s attention to work, so, if someone’s wants to unlock your Phone while you’re sleeping or if you’re looking away, the team has also worked  with special effects mask-makers in Hollywood to sure it’s safe for it’s users.

Users, who’re worrying about letting Apple Map their face, Just like the Touch ID, user’s biometric data is never sent back to Apple and kept stored safely on their device.

Touch ID had one in 50,000 chance of unlocking with a wrong fingerprint, but with the Face ID, they have improved it to 1 in 1,00,000, Shiller said.

However, still be cautious, Schiller explained. “The statistics are lower if the person shares a close genetic relationship with you,” he said. So keep that fancy new iPhone away from your evil twin.
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