Apple announces Craig Federighi as the new head of Siri

Robin Hablani September 3, 2017
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After seeing a growing competition in voice assistance, Apple has announced the new head of Siri, Craig Federighi. Replacing current chief Eddy Cue.

It is an attempt to integrate Apple’s voice assistant more deeply across the Apple’s other devices, as the growing competition from rivals, such as Microsoft, Google and Amazon.

Bloomberg reports the change became official last week after the two executives biographies updated on Apple’s site. Cue, who is going out, is in charge of widely recognized Apple software such as iTunes, Apple Music and iCloud. Currently, he seems to be working with a new video content team, which may become the basis of Apple’s video streaming service.

When Apple introduced Siri in 2011, Siri was a standalone app that can perform several tasks. Using Siri, users were able to find a restaurant, book restaurants and much more, just using their voice. With the time Company’s like: Microsoft Cortana, google Assistant and Amazon Alexa have also arrived.

Siri’s success is partly thanks to it being on IOS, which is one of the largest operating system in the huge smartphone market. With the technological improvements Siri has become more mature and can perform more complex commands.

But Siri is becoming smarter and it will become more smarter as Apple experiments with artificial intelligence and how to appy that to its voice assistant.

Microsoft and Amazon’s recently announced that their digital assistants are teaming up, Windows 10 users will be able to use Alexa and Echo users will soon be able to use Cortana.

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      Your example with Bob Dylan does work on Siri.
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        Thanks for letting me know, I have just deleted that paragraph :)